What is AYB?

(Accelerate Your Business)

Welcome to the Eight-Week online Do It Yourself Program. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs get out of the tasks of running a business, and into building a company. 

As an entrepreneur, you have a great mind. You’re probably always thinking about the “How” instead of the “Who” and “What”. Over the next eight weeks, you will journey into new territory and a new way of thinking. It’s easy to say you’re in business, but hard to earn the dollars you deserve until you know differently. I want you to get what you deserve, and I’ll show you how. 

Each week builds onto the next, but where you start is at the end and you will learn to:

  • One

    Reverse engineer a plan that releases stress

  • Two

    Develop a clear path with measurable results

  • Three

    Identify value in what you do in order to easily attract clients

  • Four

    Confidently have your elevator pitch

  • Five

    Build a positive mindset

  • Six

    Grow a 6 figure business with ease money

Make no mistake, if you are an entrepreneur then you have the desire to achieve more. This means that you’re willing to put the sweat into it. The valuable principles that I teach here will not only impact your business. They will impact all areas of your life. These areas include the ability to speak with confidence about your business and in your relationships. If that makes your heart leap, just wait until you get started.
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  • Gina Yarrish

    Accelerator Coach

    Gina Yarrish

    Gina offers Experiential & Transformational Workshops to individuals and business. She inspires people by teaching effective principles that motivate them to Focus Forward in their lives in the absence of not having all the answers. She knows all too well that waiting for all the answers stalls or prevents the outcome we long for and want. Gina has mastered the art of uncovering old habits that hold you back and limit your potential and teaches through experiential practices how to change those habits. Most importantly, Gina offers consistent support to assure you that real, lasting transformation is achieved.

Building a mental muscle to Focus Forward ™ by learning simplified principles that leverage time and effort. Give yourself permission to invest in yourself. This year can be different than the last by taking action now!

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AYB Testimonials

Kathryn McAllan

I had my first paying client. Woohoo! She cancelled our next session but that’s ok. Don’t think she’s ready for the work. I also am a partner of a state-wide charity for mental health as of this week

Tanya B.

I went through the program this past year, it took me awhile to get started because it was a new way of approach or thinking. But I got it! 2019 I am presenting at my first Conference, I’ve weeded out the mindless tasks and now see what was missing in order to generate income. First my mindset, second a plan. The plan gets clearer every day just talking with Gina.

Julie Lewandowski

I took my first leap into my business, created a video and have never been clearer. I’ve booked 2 events and a way to start earning a living from what I love.

Carl W.

 I stopped being afraid of the “cold call rejection”. Instead I did my research, found a way to connect with my prospect and my appointments skyrocketed.

Lynn Punturiere

Thanks Gina Yarrish. The importance of bringing clarity to our vision and vocalizing the value that our business provides was such a key takeaway from your workshop. It gave me the boost to free the vision from my head. Practicing my elevator speech was instrumental because it ingrained a strong foundation and confidence in the messaging. I experienced the benefits of this first hand at a network outing last week. A work colleague was with me and he was amazed how easily the conversation flowed as people sitting with me at the table were intrigued. I was introduced to the president of the organization who is very interested in offering my work for upcoming events. :) Just Talking with Gina changes everything.

Sharon W.

Gina, you gave me some great advice over a phone chat some weeks/months ago. I followed that advice and concentrated on working with children. We had three weeks of workshops 50 children registered, 38 completed not sure what "and next" is but wow.

Carrie Neeves

Just got off a breakthrough call with Gina.... Amazing!! I'm feeling motivated, clear and focused on what I need to do to get my business heading in the direction that I want!
I'd really recommend a call with Gina if you haven't already! 😃

Witness your business reach new heights and achievable results. You’ll be extremely proud and so will your family.